Malaysia Land Malaysia is a multiracial country situated in the South-East Asia. It is made up of two major segments; the peninsular Malaysia which is formerly known as Malaya; and the East Malaysia comprises of Sabah and Sarawak. The Yang di-Pertuan Agong, is the constitutional monarch and head of the state of Malaysia and has extensive powers within the constitution. Current statistics from the Malaysian Department of Statistics shows that the estimated population of Malaysia in 2018 is 32.4million which comprises of more than 178 ethnic groups and 1.1. per cent annual population growth.

The Bumiputera, which is comprises of the Malays, indigenous people and the natives from Sabah and Sarawak, made up the majority of the population with 69.1% or 20.07 million. This is followed by the Chinese (23% or 6.69 million), Indians (6.9% or 2.01 millions) and other ethnic groups (1% or 0.29million). Due to the multi-racial characteristic of the population, the country has varieties of culture, religion, social norms and values which is manifested through the languages, attire, foods, ceremonial occasions, symbols and so forth.

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  •   Group Meeting : Web Developer Discussion
  •  Multi-Criteria Brainstorming an Analysis on National Culture and Identity of Malaysia Workshop

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  •   Hasnan, S. F., Hamid, M. N. A., Kasim, M, & Ramli, R. (2017). National culture and its implications to firm innovation capabilities from Malaysian perspective. Man in India, 97(2), 133-148.
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